Overdue Downtime

It’s the end of summer, yet it’s the start of summer vacation for me. This passed summer, although not officially over, was especially busy, so busy in fact that opportunities to take a holiday didn’t really present themselves, and unfortunately the one holiday I had scheduled to head home for a bit more than a week had to be cancelled.

What did I spend the summer doing? Well more on that later.

Right Now the focus is on R&R and leaving “life” behind for a week. I’m headed for a week in London with my Brother and Dad. Last time we did this trip, is was beyond epic and I’m hoping for the same this year.

There’s no game plan per se, other than enjoying time together, walking from pub to pub, and soaking in the diversity and endless opportunity for distraction that London has to offer.

This trip comes at a time where I need some time away to reset, relax and rethink the path forward.

Looking forward to the pause from the normal day-to-day. More to come, during and post pause. Fall is after all the season to fall back into normal routine…. or so 20 years of school taught me. Now back to resisting the urge to check my day job email….

A right brain Project Engineer by day, developing iOS apps by night.