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Change of Race Plans


Despite the persistent challenge of balancing training time (or any time) with baby time, training for the Calgary marathon has been going decently. I’m a bit short on logged long runs, but  I’ve been running over 50K a week fairly consistently (most weeks, well weather permitting:) ) with a focus on speed and interval training, mainly due to time constraints, it’s hard to slip out for 3 hours for a +30km-er or find the motivation on a cold wet spring Sunday morning with a broken 5-6 hours of sleep under my belt.

Unfortunately, my training success has not been paired with good event planning. My sister’s graduation from Law School is on the other side of the continent, the Friday before my target race. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re very much looking forward to being in attendance, and enjoying some long over due exposure to east cost hospitality, but I was also very much looking forward to taking a credible run at besting my Marathon PB of 3:39:21.

So I’m out… and no refunds, transfers or deferrals to another year.. you’re welcome for the donation Calgary Marathon 🙂

The Calgary Marathon was to be step one in my 2-step graduated running plan for the year. I had hoped to train hard and injury free at altitude (i.e. Calgary, altitude 1300m), smash my PB here at home and then continue training through June and July to then decimate my new PB in San Francisco.

I’m still committed to running the San Francisco Marathon, but now uncomfortably I’m left without my dress rehearsal race for running across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The last time I ran San Francisco, I had laid down a good effort in Calgary, but had then gotten complacent and didn’t maintain. The result was I showed up at the start line in the Embarcadero woefully under prepared and perfectly setup for painful (I did actually bleed) disappointment was almost.

Now I’m struggling with if I should back fill my plan and enforce training disicpline, or redefine my training plan. The options for backfill aren’t really ideal, another race sooner (May 17), another race closer to SF (risk burn out and insufficient recovery?) or run a bunch of races just to keep things going?

Decisions, decisions…




Chasing Productivity

There’s a few governing truths that make up life, one of them that I’m beginning to really come to terms with is:

“There isn’t any more time than there already is”

i.e. there is no way [at least currently] to make more time.

Having just become a parent and taking on a new role at my day job, the amount of time I have available for working side projects has become very constrained.

Basically, with an infant in the house, he calls the shots and available “free” time is when he decides he’s ready to take a name. At this stage, while he’s still trying to figure out his circadian rhythms it’s essentially impossible to schedule time.

My list of aspiring projects is beginning to turn into a dust covered insurmountable backlog of stagnating ideas; which perhaps I had naively planned while our baby was asleep as the foundational activities that would set me up for a year of success. The list begins:

  • 90 days of slow carb diet
  • Marathon Training
  • Build-out of an Arduino powered smart sentry gun
  • Build-out of our z-wave home automation system
  • Read Game of thrones (5 books)
  • Read Swift and iOS 8 by Tutorials by the RW team
  • Work on Rugged Green Apps
  • Self publish a book
  • Blog once a week
  • Vacations
  • New Car Shopping
  • New Furniture Shopping
  • …. and the list goes on

Now I’ve been prioritizing time with my child and helping my wife; as most would argue is the best thing to do. But when everyone is asleep or things are under control, I’ve found myself sliding into a place on the couch and simply vegging out, recovering from the chaos with some zero productivity time.

The problem seems to have been that in those moments, I lack the nudge or the timely reminder that I have things I really want to get done other than watch The Food Network. I don’t have a system setup to track my productivity, prioritize my tasks and provide inputs or reminders when I need them most. As a result, I get caught up in the inertia of being a parent and my To Do list sits, unattended.

Enter our next project; My friend, Matt and I are in the same boat; as are many others, there’s no more time, and with so much to do we want to use the little time we have as effectively as possible.

We’re kicking off development of a new suite of productivity tools that will not only benefit us, but others. I’m really amped for this projected and looking forward to sharing more. The personal need we have for these tools should  drive the persistence needed to get this done. Can’t wait to share more.