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Getting [re]organized

With Spring definitively in the air and the end of the first Quarter within sight, the long Easter Weekend has been a great break to catch up and take stock of what’s happened. I’ve knocked off a few goals that I’d set for myself, but progress has, or rather was, largely hampered by continuous bouts with the flu and poor time management (again!).

In February, I started using a productivity app that came highly recommended from my mentor. I’d been introduced to Balanced before by my friend Matt as a good analogue for an App dev project we were contemplating. Now a month into using it, Balanced is probably the best To-Do List/Time Management/Goal setting app I’ve ever used. While it did take a few days to get used to its UI, I’m now using it religiously to govern my time management across my focus areas:

  1. Family
  2. Health & Exercise (running, training, etc)
  3. Self Improvement (study, learning, reading)
  4. Projects (building apps, etc)

I was initially hesitant to rely on an app on my phone vs. more traditional methods like journaling or maintaining a To-do list, but it has really worked out. Really, it comes down to what’s easy enough to be hassle free to update, but at the same time, complex enough to provide meaningful context and day planning abilities. So far, it’s Balanced for me. I’m not a huge one for reviews, but this app is worth a shot if you’re looking for something to help with planning and managing your day. To provide full disclosure, I did pay to upgrade it to the full/unrestricted version after the first few days, having it limited to only 5 activities really wasn’t powerful enough to do much of anything, but it was a decent enough space to trial it and figure out that it was worth the upgrade fee.