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A Little More About Me


I’m a stereotypical product of the 1980’s and 1990’s; desensitized to bright colors by vuarnet, over exposed to sci-fiction by Star Trek TNG, and a travel addict thanks to my parents. My background is Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, a combination that has proven to prepare me well for a career in Problem Solving and Projects.

8am-5pm most weekdays, I’m  just another Right Brained Project Manager, scratching out a living in the high level, trying to stay on top of the devil that lurks in the details.
I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in wide range of challenging and complex projects ranging from an Environmentally Driven Underground Gas storage project, to a state-of-the-art Water Treatment Plant.

Outside of the normal work week, To date I’ve worked on several apps with my good Friend Matt Warren and released some including Air Barons, Decorate a Christmas Tree, and What Do you Know through my software publishing company, Rugged Green Media.
The focus of Rugged Green is intuitive, simple, and fun mobile apps. I’ll be the first to admit that the apps to date are a bit simplistic, but they’re a reflection of my continuous learning as I work nights and weekends to bolster my object oriented programing experience. With a few projects underway simultaneously and my skills aided with some great contractors, I’m looking forward to expanding Rugged Green’s portfolio.

Randomly: I have an appreciation for good beer, an unhealthy appetite for coffee, a developing taste for wine, an ongoing roller coaster riding endurance competition with my wife, a love-hate relationship with running, and a new found love of sailing.

Overall, I’m an optimist and sometimes I admittedly may from time to time live within my own reality distortion field.

While this site is still a very much a work in progress, please feel free to contact me,  with questions, suggestions or if you just want to say Hi!

Thanks again for visiting my page!



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